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Provide warm and welcoming vertical lighting to accent pillars and other narrow architectural features on your building.

Full-Color, Programmable Vertical LED Light

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MagniSconce is constructed from high-grade aircraft aluminum that can weather some of the harshest environments and inclement weather – maybe even some F1 ‘naders if you’re lucky. (‘Naders is slang for tornados for those of you outside the belt!) Your building’s pillars hold up your infrastructure all day. So, why not show ‘em some respect and let ‘em shine with the kind of LED lighting that’s as tough as your pillars.


MagniSconce is a universal voltage (120-277V) LED fixture with a high-quality RGB driver. We’ve already mentioned it’s durable, but it really is. Our vertical LED lighting fixture is capable of operating in temperatures between -20 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius and contains high-efficacy LED chips to maintain overall cool fixture temperatures.


MagniSconce is one of today’s most dynamic, commercial accent LED light fixtures on the market. In a sea of boring, less durable vertical lighting options, MagniSconce really stands out. With a rainbow-licious palette of millions of colors to choose from, this programmable LED light fixture can make your facility jump off the property, adding a safe and welcoming ambiance inside and out.

Recent client installations | MagniSconce LED

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Rugged, waterproof utility for any vertical structure

Imagine if NBA legend Shaq had accent lights like this for his free throws…

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DMX-full scale RGB
Wet Location
Wet location fixture