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Make not-so-sexy fixtures like vacuum canopies look like an EDM concert with bendable, programmable full-color LEDs.

Full-Color, Programmable Bendable LED fixture



MagniTube bendable LED light fixture is constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a smarter, fancier way of saying “PVC”. We like it because it’s highly flexible – in other words, you can bend it… a lot. Because it’s also lightweight (weighing around 1 lb.), our installation techs typically only need 1” EMT/pipe straps or polyethylene terephthalate ratcheting strips… another fancy word for good ‘old plastic zip ties.


MagniTube is a universal voltage (100-208V) LED fixture with a high-quality RGB driver. Our durable, bendable PVC-constructed fixture can operate in a wide range of temperatures between -20 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius thanks to high-efficacy LED chips that maintain an overall cool fixture temperature.


MagniTube is the perfect way to add a burst of color to linear features inside and outdoors at your facility. Installation doesn’t stop on day one. Our creative team will take care of the setup and programming for you for the length of our contract! Our monthly managed service plan provides you with support to set up your shows 3, 6, and 12 months down the line or more. As with all of our products, J Squared doesn’t have any new app tech to download and learn. Your time is better spent running your business, rather than setting up light shows.

Recent client installations | MagniTube LED

MagniTube-Bendable Lights
Car Wash Customer
MagniTube-Bendable Tube Lights-2
Car Wash Customer

Durable, bendable utility for any structure

Imagine if George Lucas had this burst of bendable color for his Light-Saber tech…

Color Wheel-DMX-full scale RGB
DMX-full scale RGB
Wet Location
Wet location fixture