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J2 linear High Bay LED

Illuminate narrow areas like theaters, retail aisles, or warehouses.

Bright White, linear high bay LED fixture

NuGem™ LED Linear High Bay-all-view-cutout


Designed to endure variable temperature and weather conditions – inside and out – with cast aluminum housing and anti-UV polyester coating, the J2 Slim Linear High Bay LED light fixture withstands corrosion, scratching, and discoloration while illuminating spaces in need of focused, directional lighting.


J2 Slim Linear High Bay LEDs are universal voltage (120-277V) fixtures that can withstand extreme temperatures of -40 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius. With these fixtures, you have so many options to create the perfect ambiance with its 0-10V continuous dimming on any wall, aisle, or hallway.


J2 Slim Linear High Bay LEDs give off purposeful light in a linear direction – instead of a circular direction like round high bays. They can be mounted on surfaces, suspended in air, built into – or ‘recessed’ in – narrow aisles, hallways, walls, or rooms to increase light levels or accent objects. Without Linear High Bays, they’ll never see you coming in narrow spaces like grocery aisles, gymnasiums, warehouses, movie theaters, car washes, garage wayfinding, and anywhere else you would think to put them.

Sustainable, durable utility for narrow spaces

Imagine if movie theaters had lights like these so you can dip out for snacks without tripping in the dark…

Wet Location
Wet location fixture