Linear Strip LED, 8ft


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Experience superior lighting with the 8ft Linear Strip LED. Ideal for large commercial areas requiring consistent, efficient illumination.

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Elevate your lighting with the 8ft Linear Strip LED from J Squared Systems. Combining minimalist design with effective illumination, this fixture is suitable for larger commercial spaces.

Its flat, high-quality housing and precision optics make it a visually appealing choice for offices, supermarkets, and various meeting venues.

A bright white LED strip light does more than light up a room; it transforms it. Its extended length provides continuous, bright white light, ensuring every area is well-lit and inviting. It’s a modern solution for modern lighting challenges, bringing together form and function in a seamless integration of style and efficiency.

Picture this 8ft linear strip light LED as it elevates a space from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s not just an LED light fixture; it’s a design statement, a reflection of cutting-edge lighting technology and architectural beauty.

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Weight 30.5 lbs
Dimensions 97 × 8 × 8 in
Watts (top of range)