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Learn about led lighting trends from our experts

From time to time, our staff blogs about their insights on LED trends that could benefit our commercial and industrial customers. Why don’t lumens matter? Are programmable lights really a thing? How can LEDs transform the customer experience? Read on to learn more.

Do Lumens Matter-J Squared Systems

Do Lumens Matter in LED Lighting?

For years, lumens - the total output of light - was used by consumers to determine brightness. While lumens and wattage may have been useful for purchasing traditional bulbs in
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Client installation-Car wash lighting

Important Industrial LED Lighting Features to Consider

Industrial LED lighting features can provide safe, productive, and happy workforce—it could make all the difference in the world. Here are the top features to consider for industrial LED lighting.
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Are LEDs made in the USA

Are LEDs Made in the USA?

Do you know what it means when businesses say their LEDs are made in the USA? Making a purchase decision based on the country of origin is a mighty fine
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Enhance Tenant Experience-Mixed Use Properties with LEDs

Top 5 Ways to Boost Commercial Property Appeal & Attract Customers: Custom LED Lighting Solutions For Mixed-Use Properties

Wondering how custom LED lighting can significantly boost commercial property appeal of mixed-use buildings, helping to attract and retain customers. The impact of lighting on customer experience can be significant.
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Enhance Tenant Experience-Mixed Use Properties with LEDs

Enhancing the Tenant Experience and Attracting High-End Tenants with Custom LED Lighting

Enhancing the tenant experience and attracting high-end tenants are just two of many benefits of custom LED lighting for multi-unit properties. From key considerations that you’ll need to know for
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Why J2 is the Leader in Custom LED Lighting Solutions

J2's leadership stands out in the custom LED lighting solutions world - from J Squared System’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence to groundbreaking designs, superior implementation, and a track
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