Top 3 Advantages of LED Lighting in Car Washes


There are many customer experience benefits to using LED lighting in your car wash business. From energy savings and increased durability to programmable entertainment value, LED lights offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs.

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Do Lumens Matter in LED Lighting?

Do Lumens Matter-J Squared Systems

For years, lumens – the total output of light – was used by consumers to determine brightness. While lumens and wattage may have been useful for purchasing traditional bulbs in the past, though, LEDs have completely transformed the way we think about lighting. Enter CRI and color temperature.

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Are LEDs Made in the USA?

Are LEDs made in the USA

Do you know what it means when businesses say their LEDs are made in the USA? Making a purchase decision based on the country of origin is a mighty fine idea, it’s just that you may be misled into making the purchase.

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